Essential Oil of Thyme About Our Pricing: Wholesale Essential Oils for Everyone.
Ananda AromatherapyOur greatest motivation is to consistently offer the finest, therapeutically aromatically valuable essential oils available on the Planet. We offer these oils to everyone at wholesale prices, regardless of your affiliation or profession.

The Finest Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils at Wholesale Prices from The Ananda Apothecary

RoseWe have a very strong quality control program a the Ananda Apothecary to ensure you receive these fine oils time after time. Testing includes, but is not limited to GCMS analysis, other chemical analysis, aromatic sampling and comparison, energetic evaluation and more.

Our oils are stored in optimal conditions for each variety.
Oils that require cold storage are kept this way. The are stored in glass with mini um amounts of oxygen in the containers, sealed and out of light. We rotate the stock, ensuring you receive the freshest oils where freshness is a concern.

We continually strive to give you a better experience and value with our wholesale essential oils, and The Ananda Apothecary in general, whether this means by shipping even faster, or offering more educational materials and support.

PeppermintWhenever possible, if new, better distillation or extraction techniques become available, we evaluate the therapeutic potential of these techniques before adding these oils to the site. That's why you'll see CO2 distilled Frankincense -- it's a better oil than a steam distillate due to the CO2's more complex chemistry. We don't offer CO2 Lavender or Patchouli, as these oils are really not all that wonderful, in our opinion.

LavenderThe bottom line is we will continue our efforts for constant improvement in oil quality and value. It's not just about wholesale essential oil pricing, it's that these should always be the best of the best. The finest oils for your health and happiness. In the near future, you'll see more single oils, therapeutic blends, and more educational materials to help you best utilize the true medicine of essential oils and aroma therapy as it was meant to be.

If you have any questions at all, we're happy to help - you may send us an email at, or call 303-440-3766.

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We hope you enjoy our selection of pure therapeutic quality essential oils from Ananda Aromatherapy. We care about your health, and want you to have the best nature has to offer! 
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Notes From Our Customers
Rose Flower
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"I just received my order from Ananda Apothecary yesterday and I couldn't be happier. Shipping was fast and well packaged and customer service was extremely friendly. I compared my new oils with some I had from Doterra and Young Living - can't even tell a difference! I am very satisfied and will be placing another order very soon."
~ RaeMac, from Reseller Ratings

"Their prices are good and their products are of high quality. Their customer service is very impressive...and it was clear that they just do not want to impress you into buying their products, they do care about the quality of their products. I bought about 12 different oils from them, and I am very pleased...Will I buy again? Yes indeed."
~ G.O. London, U.K.

"After some EXTENSIVE research and actual shopping around, I have come to find that Ananda Apothecary is, IMHO, simply offers the BEST essential oils to for my use, both for my budding business (for fragrance and soothing use in my soaps and body lotions to name two), AND for my personal use. Thank you Ananda Apothecary; after much searching, I have found a home to happily park my essential oil business!"
~ G.L. from Reseller Ratings

"What a true gem! Ananda Apothecary goes above and beyond with their essential oils, the array of carrier oils and flower essences. I've placed two orders and received both promptly  two days later. The quality is sheer perfection. I love you Ananda Apothecary! Thanks!"
~ M.C Memphis, TN

"Both product and service are exceptional. Quality of consciousness does matter."
~ V.C. Kannapolis, NC

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