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Saint John's Shield
The essential quality of St. John’s Shield is its capacity to carry light into the dark well of the soul, providing a source of inner emotional radiance.

This marvelous herb has a wide panorama of therapeutic possibilities. In addition to addressing depression and feelings of immobilization, it is very beneficial for “Seasonal Affective Disorder” from which many people suffer during winter, when outer light is reduced. St. John’s Shield can be equally helpful during summer, especially for fair-skinned persons who become easily disoriented and out-of-focus when exposed to harsh light conditions. St. John’s Shield should also be considered for insomnia, and other related disturbances in the sleep rhythm of the body, such as bedwetting in young children, or bodily upset from travel. 

The strong light-bearing qualities of St. John’s Wort give it many excellent anti-viral and neuralgic qualities. Current scientific studies point to its potential in the treatment of AIDS, while St. John's Wort has been used for centuries in the treatment of wounds and for a myriad of neuralgic complaints such as sciatica, shingles and, more recently, carpal tunnel syndrome.

Please note: St. John’s Wort has been proven to have many powerful photosensitive properties, and caution should be exercised in applying the oil to the skin before prolonged exposure to the sun, especially for fair-skinned individuals. However, St. John’s Shield can be very helpful for treating sunburned skin.

Major Indications:
  • Generally beneficial as a winter balm, for helping to counteract such conditions as the winter “blues” or Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), by anchoring light into the inner body and soul. 
  • Highly beneficial for all “winter” depressive conditions throughout the year, when one feels bereft, anxious, immobilized or fearful, and must discover an inward sense of light and emotional containment. 
  • To help bedwetting in children, massage St. John’s Shield into the inner-thigh and bladder regions on a nightly basis. Warm compresses on the kidney and bladder areas can also be very helpful. 
  • Use warm compresses of St. John’s Shield for wounds, especially injuries involving peripheral nerve damage or trauma. 
  • Use in baths on a nightly basis to regulate sleep rhythms disturbed by insomnia, stress or travel.
    Consider St. John’s Shield for times of psychic stress or spiritual challenge, especially in conjunction with prayer and meditation, and for dealing with adverse influences from nonphysical realms.
Benediction Oil
Benediction Flower Essence Essential Oil Blend A transcendent blend of essential oils, flower essences, and Saint John’s Wort oil formulated for life’s turning points.

Benediction Oil encourages us to respect and respond to the seasons within our own souls: rites of passage, moments of awakening, and all stages of healing and transformation. Benediction is intended to be a heart balm which not only helps us open to the bliss of love, but also to the blessedness and heartache of love.

Through the use of this sacred anointing oil, we can gradually come to understand the meaning of any anguish that we suffer. Pain which is rightly received by the soul sensitizes and opens us to a deeper communion with the spiritual world, making our souls ever more receptive to spiritual impulses which can enrich our lives.

Use Benediction Oil to open and bless all the sacramental gateways of human experience: birth, coming of age and other rites of passage throughout life, marriage, illness and death. It should be considered for all sacred holy days and festivals, whatever one's spiritual path may be. Benediction assists the soul to be conscious and receptive to any turning-point in life, both within nature and within human experience.

Major Indications:
  • For all life passages and special events, as a sacramental anointing oil which encourages the soul to make a turning point in time.
  • Especially beneficial as a sacred unction for those who are very ill or dying, helps the soul to move through pain and surrender to its spiritual destiny.
  • A beautiful anointing oil for young babies, calling their soul to come into the world and to feel and accept the force of human love.
  • Use for “dark nights of the soul” when feeling anguish, anxiety or bewilderment.
  • Use to help recover from any violation to the body or soul such as violent attack, sexual abuse or other similar trauma.
  • Apply Benediction to areas of chronic pain, especially when there is a need to surrender to and understand the soul dimension of such suffering.
  • Use to balance all the energy centers (chakras), especially through the middle heart chakra.
  • Use for times of intimate and loving sexual exchange, to allow body and soul to open fully and experience love through the heart.
Calendula Caress
Calendula Caress Flower Essence Essential Oil Blend Calendula is a remarkable restorer of the human flesh, with outstanding anti-inflammatory, vulnerary and disinfectant properties.

The maternal, comforting qualities of Calendula Caress make it ideal for the delicate skin of infants and children, and as a beneficent balm for birthing and nursing mothers.

Calendula Caress bestows a calming, quieting touch and should be used for all forms of irritation and inflammation. Compresses of Calendula can be applied to areas of internal inflammation, such as the digestive organs, or to parts of the body which are swollen, such as the lymphatic glands.

On a more subtle level, Calendula Caress helps bring us into a gentle and loving disposition of soul, showing us the path by which we can heal others with our own word and touch.

Calendula was named by the Romans who observed that this plant blooms nearly every month of the calendar year. Through Calendula Caress we come to the very essence of the Seasons of the Soul journey — that what lives in Nature as a creative, nurturing force can also live in our own hearts.

Major Indications:
  • Use for irritated or inflamed skin, and apply in compresses over slow-healing wounds or skin ulcers.
  • Use for children or infants, or for any skin which is delicate and hypersensitive.
  • Baths and massages with Calendula Caress bring a calming, receptive quality to the soul, especially to counteract irritable or argumentative situations.
  • Use as a gentle harmonizer for the feminine: for the breasts of nursing mothers, as a balm for the birthing belly, and for calming and centering the moon cycle.
  • Apply compresses over any part of the body which is swollen, especially areas of lymphatic drainage.
  • Use throughout the year to maintain a vital connection to the life-force of Nature and to keep the skin alive and receptive.

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