What makes Ananda Aromatherapy Different? Our Rigorous Essential Oil Selection Process,
       And our Wholesale Pricing to You...

How do we choose our essential oils? We sample only 100% pure, therapeutic quality essential oils, then add the variety with the finest aromas to our collection.

We realize the difficulty of buying essential oils over the internet. How do you know you're getting what we say you're getting?

What does 'Therapeutic Grade' mean, and are all essential oils of this standard really the same?

Our oils are labeled 'wildcrafted', 'natural source' and 'organic'. What does this mean?

Can every manufacturer be offering oils of the 'Highest Quality'?

What is Ananda's selection process - ie. What are our quality standards, and how are they different than many manufacturers?

Some companies claim that buying their oils is the only way to be sure you're getting the highest quality available because they grow all their own plants and make all their own oils. Is this the only way a quality oil can be made?

If your oils are as high a quality as the more expensive brands, how can your prices be so low?

Ananda is dedicated to offering you the finest essential oils available from around the world!

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