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Heavenly Skin Serums for Women and Men

The Heavenly Skin Serum of Your Choice is Available Free with All Orders Over $89!

Heavenly Skin for Women and for Men are our best-selling skin care blends, EVER. And for the next 7 days, receive a free bottle of the serum of your choice with any order over $89!

This is a fantastic special, as these 30ml formulas are normally $42 and $32.25 (for Women’s and Men’s, respectively).

It’s a great time to try these fantastic serums that will make your skin glow!

Simply make a note in the comments box with your order, and we’ll include your choice of formulas!

Also continuing is our special of a free 60ml bottle of Rose Hydrosol with any order over $49. These can be combined!

And, as always, you’ll get free shipping with all orders over $99, and all first-time orders as well (see our Sales and Specials page for all the details).

What’s So Special Heavenly Skin Serum for Women?

damask rose

You'll notice the lovely, soft notes of Rose Otto in Heavenly Skin for Women.

We’ve always wanted to do it, and here it is: what if we put ALL the oils used for a women’s  skin care in one blend, it in the most nutritive complex of base oils? How good could we make it? REALLY good, if you don’t mind us saying! Made for daily application, Heavenly skin includes Bulgarian Rose OttoClary SageSea Buckthorn Supercritical extract, Ylang Ylang Complete, French Wild Carrot SeedHelio-Carrot Supercritical extract, Corsican Helichrysum italicum, High-Santalol Indian Sandalwood, and French High Elevation Lavender essential oils.

These are carried to the deeper layers of your skin with our Super Skin Care Base of organic Moroccan Argan, Evening Primrose, Rosehip Seed and a touch of virgin Coconut oils. Exceptionally hydrating, balancing and nutritive ~ with a simply fantastic aroma.

Helichrysum Italicum in Bloom.

Corsican Helichrysum italicum is an essential ingredient in both formulas.

A recent customer had this to say about Heavenly Skin for Women: “I must rave again about the Heavenly Skin – I have only used it day and night for a couple of days now and I have noticed such a difference in my skin – usually when I try a product it takes at least a week…so this was a pleasant surprise and I will certainly sing praises on this one for sure! Now if it only came in a big gallon size to bathe in, tee hee! Great combination – my skin is glowing! Thanks” ~ R.E., Aesthetician and Author, Lake Oswego, OR.

How About Heavenly Skin Serum for Men?

Our owner and essential oil specialist originally created this blend for himself, perfecting the formula over time. This serum includes Frankincense, Myrrh, Sea Buckthorn and Carrot Root CO2′s, plus SandalwoodHelichrysum and Rosemary c.t. verbenone essential oils, based in Argan, Tamanu, Rosehip and virgin Coconut oils.

The aroma is neutral and lightly ‘earthy’, and should be a pleasure for every man to use. Apply a small amount once or twice daily, and massage lightly into the face. Due to the high amount of nutritive phyto-nutrients in both blends, you may notice a slight red/orange color on your skin when applied. This will absorb within a few minutes, as these nutrients penetrate the layers of the dermis.

Sea Buckthorn Essential Oil

Sea buckthorn berries are rich in antioxidants, and have a long-history of use in skin-care.

BOTH formulas have been created with long-term anti-aging of the skin in mind.

For example, each contains Sea Buckthorn supercritical CO2 extract, as noted in one review of its potential as a natural sunscreen: “The vitamin E, vitamin A, vitamin A source, flavonoids and other active ingredients in sea buckthorn oils are easily absorbed by the skin, which not only consume the ultraviolet rays energy in bulk, eliminate or reduce the light-induced skin damages, but also have repair and healing ability on the light-induced skin injuries. They also eliminate a variety of harmful oxygen free radicals during the natural aging process of skin and photocatalytic aging process, which is helpful to delay and reduce the various aging symptoms.”

This is just an example of skin-care potential of one ingredient. Every essential oil, CO2-extract and carrier oil in these formulas have been chosen to give you the very best skin care formulas possible. We’ll sure you’ll love them as much as we do!


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Ylang Ylang and Blood Pressure: A Customer Experience and the Science

Ylang Ylang flowers, from which the essential oil is distilled.

We just received this wonderful note from a woman who has found that using Ylang Ylang essential oil quickly reduced her husband’s blood pressure. Further, research published in the Journal of Exercise Rehabilitation showed inhalation of Ylang Ylang lowered blood pressure, in addition to reducing heart rate as well.*

Ylang Ylang essential oil is distilled from the flowers of a tall tropical tree. Several distillations are available, and the ‘complete’ is a combination of all distillations, being the sweetest, most fragrant of these essential oils.


Here’s the note we’d recently received, with Ylang Ylang used both aromatically and topically:

“My husband had a mild heart attack this past summer. In the weeks that followed he was having to really watch his blood pressure. The medications the doctors had put him on were not agreeing with him or helping matters. I had read Ylang Ylang may be helpful with high blood pressure. I ordered the Ylang Ylang complete from Ananda.

“We started using it when his blood pressure was pressing what for him was a danger limit – he would get a headache as well when it would get in the 170 / 102 range. How we use it with wonderful results was as follows: My husband would hold the bottle and breath in several times taking the aroma into his senses.

“Then I would apply 3-5 drops on each of his wrists on the pulse point- and then about 5 drops on or below his left collar bone above his heart area. In 10 to 15 minutes his blood pressure would drop 10 points – both top and bottom side. The tension would lessen in his head as well as that overall bodily tense feeling.

“This was not a one time thing. On several different days since we have done the same application – with the same results – in the same amount of time. Thank you for a wonderful quality oil!”

Please note, we are not saying the use of Ylang Ylang or other essential oils are a substitute for professional medical care. We do however, appreciate positive customer experiences with essential oils.

The following is the research abstract published in the Journal of Exercise Rehabilitation, April 9, 2013:

“Effects of Ylang-Ylang aroma on blood pressure and heart rate in healthy men”

Although the Ylang-Ylang aroma (YYA) has used as a general method for its sedative effect, there was a little report on the efficacy of YYA on heart function using the electrocardiogram (EKG). Therefore, identifying of the effects of YYA on blood pressure (BP) and heart rate (HR) is important in order to demonstrate the effectiveness of YYA. The aim of this study was to investigate the effects of YYA on BP and HR in healthy men. Twenty-nine men took part in this study.

The subjects were randomly divided into 2 groups: Ylang-Ylang group (YYG, n= 15) and control group (CG, n= 14). Physiological parameters recorded were BP by using a sphygmomanometer and HR by using an EKG. The present results demonstrated that inhalation of YYA significantly decreased the systolic and diastolic blood pressure. Inhalation of YYA also significantly decreased the HRs in 10 leads, except in lead I and aVR. This indicates that the HRs recorded in lead I and aVR were less sensitive or obtuse compared to those in the 10 other leads. Therefore, such a result reveals that it is necessary to be aware of the terms regarding the position. In the present results, YYA caused a reduction of HR and BP, and a relief of the arousal level in healthy men. The present results show a sedative effect of YYA, and this study provides some evidences for the usage of YYA in medicinal agent.


* These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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On Sale Now, 20% Off Our Finest Essential Oils: All Lavenders, Roses, Jasmines, Frankincenses…

Neroli and Helichrysum. Frankincense, Chamomile, or Lavender.


Jasmine Sambac flowers, source of the precious and wonderful Jasmine Sambac Absolute

And, as always, there’s free shipping on first time orders, and all orders over $99. Read on for details!

These Best-selling Essential Oils Are All On Sale, 20% Off, Including…

All Our ‘Rare & Precious’ Essential Oils Are On Sale, 20% Off Including…

  • Jasmine Grandiflorum and Sambac: These are two distinctly different, beautiful ‘absolultes’ from India. The Grandiflorum is deep and complex, the Sambac, is divinely sweet.
  • Neroli: Distilled from the flowers of the tree producing Bergamot fruit, this rare essential oil is  highly regarded for its soft, soothing, floral scent. Its exotic aroma is renown for its exceptional calming and uplifting ability.
  • Distilling Rose Essential Oil

    Distilling the magnificent Rose Otto.

    Rose Absolute & Otto: One of the true highlights of our line is our organic Bulgarian Rose Otto, from the flowers grown in Bulgaria’s Kanzalak Valley, the ‘Valley of the Roses’. Our Turkish Rose Otto is also a true gem…’Otto’ is the steam distilled variety of Rose oil. From the same distiller comes our Bulgarian Rose Absolute, rich in middle notes, with a deep, rosy color, perfect for all aromatic applications.
  • Indian Sandalwood: Last but not least of our ‘rare & precious’ oils is our Indian Sandalwood. This essential oil contains the highest level of ‘santalols’ of any Sandalwood variety, the constituent of the oil which not only gives it its characteristic aroma, but has a significant body of research supporting a wide range of health benefits.

And our new special includes a bottle of Rose Hydrosol with any order over $49, and the Heavenly Skin serum of your choice (for men or women) with any order over $89!

If you’re order is between $49 and $79,  request ‘Rose Hydrosol’ in the comments box of the checkout page. If over $89, note ‘Rose Hydrosol’, and the Heavenly Skin serum of your choice: ‘Heavenly Skin for Men’ or ‘Heavenly Skin for Women’! See the special’s details of our all-time best selling skin care formulas here!

damask rose

Rosa Damascena - The 'Damask' Rose, source of the very special Rose Otto essential oil.

Our Bulgarian Rose Hydrosol is a wonderful, all-purpose aromatic and skin care product. It is thought to ‘clear the air’ with a few ‘spritzes’ in any space – it’s also a fantastic skin toner for all skin types.

Don’t Forget About Free Shipping!!!

All first-time customers can use the coupon code ‘first-order’ for free shipping, and with any order over $99, use the coupon code ‘free-ship’. If you have ANY trouble with the coupon codes, please enter them in the comments box as well, and we’ll remove any shipping cost before charging your order here.

Thank you! We hope you enjoy these! As always, for all the details, check out our Sales and Specials page!


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